Scientific Proof of God

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

O expunere excepțională ! Nu vă păgibiți singuri trecând pe lângă ea. Dacă aveți copii în școală, obligați-i, mituiți-i, rugați-i să o asculte !!!

Mai întâi o mărturie:

Iată prelegerea !!!

Coemntarii cel puțin interesante:

  • TheGoodThought 

    TheGoodThought 2 years ago

    I personally am atheist. However, I respect this man for actually talking science, and filling in the intricate dots with a respectful view of a god, which is somewhat reasonable. This is the closest to the answer, not “I KNOW HE’S REAL!!!!!!! BUT I DON”T HAVE PROOF!!!!!”. This is the closest theists will get to proof, (respectfully) and its pretty accurate. I just fill in the questions a different way.

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  • ItsEasyIfYouThink 

    ItsEasyIfYouThink 2 years ago

    Although I disagree with some of this guy’s theist points, I can’t tell you how nice it is to see someone arguing for god’s existence who is an actual scientist! The world…

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