Why Does the World Need A New Generation of Theologians?


Lausanne Movement

These days, (5-9 May, 2014), a Lausanne International Leadership meeting will take place at Institut Biblique et Missionnaire Emmaus (Switzerland). One of the evening sessions will feature a panel-like discussion touching on new Lausanne initiatives.

One of my friends in Lausanne, Bobby Ryu, was asked to prepare to respond to one of the questions and has asked a few of us to suggest what would we respond to it.

Here is the question, and, below, what would be my answer.

* * *

“Bobby, you’re representing the Younger (or Emerging) Theologians Initiative, a new Initiative spearheaded by the Theology Working Group – a linking of emerging theologians with their more experienced counterparts in order to mentor and raise up a new generation of theologians for the Global Church.  My question for you is this: The world is moving towards action and application.  Even universities are abandoning courses and programs focused…

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