Church of God World Missions Directs Efforts to Address Mass Migrant Exodus

Church of God World Missions leaders, meeting this week with the leadership of the Church of God in Europe, CIS (the former countries of the Soviet Republics), and the Middle East, have been working diligently to craft a plan to address the mass migrant and refugee crisis that currently is facing Europe.

Dr. Timothy M. Hill, Director of Church of God World Missions, has emphasized that we must move prayerfully, intentionally, and expediently to address this humanitarian social exodus of tens of thousands of refugees and migrants. “The make-up and face of Europe will change literally in the next few months. Normally, a migration of this magnitude would occur over decades, not days or weeks. If we are going to be responsive as the church, we must act quickly and decisively. Every migrant and refugee, regardless of what they are fleeing and where they may ultimately end up, must know of the love of Christ, “noted Hill. “We cannot miss this opportunity to provide assistance and hope in the name of Jesus.”

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