Bring on the Protests: Norway is Watching


Well, well… The Norwegian government has been watching the international reaction against their Barnevernet.

Those of us who support the Bodnariu family were a bit unsure if Norway’s government pays attention to the international backlash against their Child Protection Services stemming from the harsh confiscation of the five children.

It turns out they have been watching the build up to the unleashing of world-wide protests which will begin this weekend.

This is the most severe criticism they have received to date, and they’ve never had anti-Norway-CPS protests like we are about to unleash over the next couple of months.

In this article, their watchdogs are asking what in the world is going on, and why is there such an international outcry? At least they are asking questions…

They live in a socialist bubble, and they cannot comprehend why the world is reacting this way. Solveig Horne is the top official in the Norwegian “Children, Equality and Social Inclusion” Department which includes CPS or Barnevernet, and she is rejecting any international criticism. She claims to be aware of the Bodnariu case, which tells us she knows about the upcoming massive protests, 50,000+ signatures on the petition, and the nearly 20,000 member support community on Facebook.

This information is now in their press.  Their government knows about it. We know they care about their self-described high standard of living and image in the world.

Delight in Truth thinks they are worried about how demonstrations in front their embassies will portray them in the world.

Norway’s government is watching.

Bring on the international protests.

Let the children come home.


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