Barnevernet and Breivik: Norway’s International Shame

Delight in Truth

Norwegian journalists, commentators and pundits are slowly picking up the conversation on the Bodnariu case where 5 kids were unfairly removed from their parental home. Delight in Truth is following the Norwegian response which is likely going to intensify following mass protests across the world against their Barnevernet (Child Protection Services).

The Nordic Page is a popular English language online newspaper which has covered the Bodnariu drama in articles like this one (here). But the interesting part is the discussion at the bottom of the article between a well articulated Emanuel Contac (who is a faculty member at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest) and another commentator who is a defender of the Norwegian CPS.

The Norwegian claimed that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people in 2011 was a Christian, and tried to fallaciously associate a psychopath with the Christian religion.  Breivik’s memoirs from prison prove that he…

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