CHRISTIAN POST: Norway Targeted Family for Christian Faith Before Seizing 5 Children, Lawyer Says

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Marius si Ruth Bodnariu

Court documents and meeting minutes indicate that the Norwegian government expressed concern with the faith of a Romanian Pentecostal family before their five children were removed from parental custody in November, an attorney close to the situation claimed Monday.

….Peter Costea, the the president of the Alliance for Romania’s Families, has been in frequent communication with the family and their lawyers, and has access to the family’s court records.

“Documents and minutes of meetings have emerged since the abduction showing that as early as Oct. 13, 2015, more than a month before the children were taken into custody, the officials at Naustdal municipality disapproved of the parenting style of the Bodnariu parents; believing it, after questioning the children, to be based on the Bible,” Costea wrote.  “They plainly state that Barnevernet ‘is worried that this is a way of upbringing which is justified by the Bible.’ The authorities pivoted their…

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