Author Calls for World Wide Revival Movement with New Book

“Dr. Jeremy Mays has studied the history of great revivals for years. Now he believes that he has found a biblical pattern to cause revival in our generation. Dr. Mays began his own journey down the revival pathway after hearing a recorded message by evangelist Duncan Campbell of the Hebrides Revival.

When Dr. Mays heard Mr. Campbell compare this revival to Isaiah 64. He began to study this chapter, Dr. Mays found two main discoveries upon which he believes will cause revival in the personal life of a believer, the church, and the nations of this world.

Dr. Mays has served in various ministry positions throughout his life. He and his wife, Niki, have been traveling as full-time evangelists for the last thirteen years. They have seen people delivered from alcoholism, drug addiction, witchcraft, homosexuality, and suicide…” Read more >>


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