Trump makes pledge in March for Life address (video)


Trump Honors Veterans, Bashes Media at Event Hosted by Robert Jeffress’ Church

U.S. President Donald Trump honored military veterans in Washington on Saturday at a Kennedy Center event that resembled both a political rally and an evangelical Christian religious service ahead of the July 4 Independence Day holiday.

Using the podium again to lash out at the news media, Trump worked to energize evangelicals in his political base, noting that the U.S. currency was inscribed with the words: “In God We Trust.”

Trump Revokes Obama Executive Order Awarding Contracts to Companies With LGBT Policies

President Donald Trump has revoked an Obama-era executive order that banned federal contracts from being awarded to companies and nonprofit organizations that do not have sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination policies.

Early in his term as president, Trump renewed an executive order signed by former President Barack Obama in 2014 which conservative critics claimed discriminated against contractors whose leadership may morally object to homosexuality or transgenderism…” Read more>>

Profeția din 2007 despre America lui Trump (VIDEO)


by JESSILYN JUSTICE / rodiagnusdei

Această proorocie a venit prin profetul Kim Clement acum 9 ani, pe vremea când George Bush era presedintele Statelor Unite. Proorocia a fost înregistrată live, pe când  Donald Trump nu era candidat pentru funcția de președinte al Statelor Unite.

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